Monday, 27 February 2017


Is your Brand a logo, color, tagline and consistency? Was it created just as an expression of English that you were fascinated by eg., to adopt a tagline like say "Better than the Best" to signify your positioning because you LIKE the English.  The challenge is, Can you LIVE this?.  

In short, we examine the FITNESS of your BRAND.  Can you Walk the Talk, instead of Talking the Walk and Force-Fitting this across the various stages of branding that you may want to call holistic (Normal approach -- illustrated on the Left hand side).

This would mean that having established this as a broad POSITIONING, we want this to spill over to our STRATEGY, and thus to our PRODUCTS. That becomes the overall BRAND EXPRESSION, wherein an Agency is briefed on the basis of the TAGLINE.

Having achieved that, one then builds this at BRAND HANDLE that comprises: PRINCIPLE, PERSONALITY and ASSOCIATION, which again is formed because of the baggage of a TAGLINE.  You force-fit an ambassador, who you think personifies your organization’s / product / service POSITIONING.

This spills over to the ORGANIZATION PIVOTS of MISSION, VALUES AND STORY, forms the CORE.  You loved the Slogan, but force fitted this across important aspects of your organization.

Now just reverse the situation, and check whether the TAGLINE you liked resonates with your MISSION, VALUES AND STORY.  If it does, then you have got the right PIVOT to leverage this to gain the right grip on your HANDLE, and that effectively translates into a better EXPRESSION.

A Holistic Approach where your brand resonates across platforms.  `Better that the Best' -- Now you are trying to LIVE this rather than just LIKE this!  

YOUR BRAND FITNESS FOR LIFE! Agile, Flexible, Adaptable.


A name, term, phrase, design, symbol, or any combination of these chosen by an individual or organisation to distinguish a product from competing products.
The portion of a brand that can be expressed verbally, including letters, words, or numbers
The portion of a brand that cannot be expressed verbally, such as a graphic design or symbol
A unique symbol that represents a specific firm or organisation, or a brand name written in a distinctive type style
The business name under which an organisation operates
A brand or portion of a brand that is legally registered with the the appropriate  government authority for exclusive use by the owner of the brand
A trademark that represents a service rather than a tangible good
The overall strength of a brand in the marketplace and its value to the company that owns it; composed of brand loyalty, brand awareness, perceived quality, brand associations, and other proprietary brand assets.
The level of commitment that customers feel toward a given brand, as represented by their continuing purchase of that brand
A measure of the percentage of the target market that is aware of a brand name
A brand that is designated, owned, and used by the manufacturer of the product
A brand that is designated, owned, and used by a wholesaler or retailer or any other commercial organisation,other than the manufacturer owner of the brand.
A “nonbranded” product that is identified only by its product category; or a brand that acquires a commodity/category representation status
Assigning an existing brand name to a new product in the same product line or in a different product line
A brand assigned to an entire line of product items

A separate brand assigned to an individual product item within a product line

Ice-cream flavours as Model of Messaging

Getting that mouth watering feeling! Thinking of your favorite flavor!  Planning to head straight and grab one.  I share your feeling. The term Ice-cream is so generic, but you have so many flavors that serve as a mood lifter for diverse set of audiences. Ditto with message -- you communicate it, but the recipient extracts their flavor and acts accordingly.  

This was true earlier with Print and Electronic, and now with social media and plethora of other opportunities, one looks at three levels of desired result of the message -- 
1) Awareness, 
2) Accentuation 
3) Action.
One can further simplify this to segment this into
(WHAT)     Message -- What is it that you want to convey?
(TO WHO) Manage (Stakeholder) -- Employee; Supplier; Investor; Stakeholder; Opinion leader; Dealer; Community; Government / Regulator; Media / General Public 
(WHERE)   Medium -- 1. Print Electronic Internet Social Digital Other 
(HOW)        Means (tools) -- Written, Face to Face, Social Media, Print Media,

The WHEN & WHY is obviously left to your judgment and depends on the situation.
So some amount of paperwork before you think of your next ice-cream, sorry Message -- carefully crafted, properly customized for the Media and Means, can help you satisfy (Manage)your various stakeholders.

         What do you want the constituent public to know
         What is the Targeted Media
         What are the means (Tools) you plan to use
         Which Constituent/s do you want to manage with this message, and the medium
ACCENTUATION (Spreading the Message)
         What do you want to spread and to who and how?
         These messages may be derived from the Awareness phase itself
         There may be some messages that are being shared exclusively with constituents only.
         What do we want to the constituent public to do as a result of our message. 
         Maybe some messages get iterated in the earlier two phases of Awareness and Accentuation
While earlier models like AIDA and DAGMAR models may seem jaded, this has been evolved to segment the MESSAGES a Company wants to Convey are in three phases.  The Model is adaptable for the social medium sphere too

Clutter they say is a cliched term, so are the ice cream flavors and Messages CLUTTERED!  So go get the Right flavor.

Walk the Talk and Translate Ideas into Action

Media clutter has provided us with plethora of channels to communicate, and be it individuals, institutions, we all are sending out messages, hoping to play mind games.  Coach-Manager-Psychologist-Motivator-Doctor-Support Staff maybe the unsung heroes behind a team, but finally it is the players and the temperament that matters. 

The flavour of a game and the roles played by GoalKeepers; Defenders; Midfielders and Forwards depends. There are times when the midfielders and forwards assist the defenders, when your Brand is under attack; and some times, the defenders and mid fielders get into attack mode supporting the forwards, when the organization is able to satisfy or exceed customer satisfaction. 

Marketing (RESULTS) is about everything that an organization does or says, focusing on communicating to others what you are about, and using their response to that message to evolve what you are and what you do.  

This involves multiple COMMUNICATION (MEANS) episodes, enacted through many different individuals, and medium.  Actions and words are both important.  

The challenge is in translating the many marketing messages into conversa­tional points of view, so that people better un­derstand the company’s business perspectives.   This needs you to get back to the drawing board, and sculpt your strategy for the game.

What’s your formation?  5-2-3 or 5-3-2 or 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 or 4-2-4 or 3-3-3-1! You or your competition, there’s 11 and whatever you choose, you think you have effectively communicated, but are you being heard (RESULT), and getting the desired action from your Target Audience.

Before you run for the ball, remember you have to Walk the Talk!